Saturday, August 7, 2010

In The Works

I am currently in the process of recording a split with White Gimp Mask which will be available at the EBTW fest in Houston TX. (sadly i cannot go to the fest due to lack of funds and work gah!!!!!!!!!!! but this split will be available)10 min per artist and only about 5-7 copies will be made so make sure to pick one up at EBTW fest.
The recording process for the upcoming Absence Tapes cdr box set ( i have yet to title anything)is almost completed! Im very excited for this release for i have put a lot of work into it! Like i said nothing has been titled yet but the mood of this release is inspired by Clive Barkers "Mister B. Gone" a novel about a Demon who tells his story about his time on earth.. very gruesome, very disturbing, very dark. So that is the overall feeling that i am trying to portray with this release
This winter (roughly Dec.26-Jan.7th) Myself and Jeff from Oblive are planning a tour. We are mainly going to travel south to Texas, then loop back up to iowa. Thats all the info we really have so far. A new release will also be available for this tour (supporting the tour. I will post all new updates as they come.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Aug.14th-408 House Show.

Men from.... Beyond!
Point from Rooftops
Gill Cosby

Iowa City, IA
408 S Dodge
FREE~donations (for out of town bands)