Friday, February 4, 2011

The Future of Boar+ related projects.

--i have been recording a lot for some upcoming releases. After this batch of new releases im going to focus more on my other projects. I think Boar deserves a little break after about 4 years or recording/touring. Nothing too long but a short break! As far as releases that were supposed to be released a while back (the double cassette release through haute magie and the 4 way split on phage) are still up in the air; ill just let it play out; if they get released,cool,if not,well shit, haha. Some other projects i have been/going to be working on are: Centuries Behind A Gate (HNW project based around some what of a story line that will be included with each upcoming release such as the 3xCDr box that my own label :Breaching Static will release. Not sure if i will make a site for the project or not.. who knows)Phantom Rib (something i just came up with last week; something that just lit up in my head. Very minimal HNW. I will most likely not spit out releases with this project, just from time to time. My first release with this project will be apart of the "The Infinity Project" series by Sweet Solitude ((an amazing new label)). Im planning on creating a blogspot for this project, something to reflect off of its minimalistic view.) Pyramid Dust ( A project i started solo, now adding more members, focusing on harsh noise/PE. I have already released a CDr on Breaching Static ((just solo work)) and we have already performed live as a group. Not sure how productive this project will be but some release will happen for sure!) Thats about it, i have been messing around with a new drone project but nothing solid yet. Of course i will keep everyone updated on all of this.

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