Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tour Aftermath Shirts/Cd's/tapes

First off I want to thank everyone who was apart of the Boar/I Like You Go Home 2015 winter tour.
 Charles Douglas Hoffman Christopher Robinson Adam Goodwin Matt Hex Eric Piper Richard Ramirez Johnathan Cash Ham-Rah Edwards Matt Løberg David Lucien Matheke MATA NOISE Cascading Fragments Malocculsion Proto Aaron Shea John Gross and everyone who we played with and bought merch and came out to the shows! Shit was a blast!

I have 2 shirts left over (Large and a small) $15USA $20WORLD
"You Will Never Be Happy" is now officially available to everyone $6USA $12WORLD 
(images and everything posted below in other blogs)
please contact me first for availability boarnoise@yahoo.com 

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