Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2 winter tours + 12'' release announcement

This winter Boar will be hitting the road again on 2 separate tours joining the likes of Bullshit Market and Eric Witt in February and in March with Xome!
Along with touring I will be co-releasing a Bullshit Market/Eric Witt/Boar split c-20
as well as a Xome/Boar 12'' split!(more info to come on those releases in the near future!)

Here is the list of Dates and Cities that we will be performing (I will update all info as it gets booked)

Boar/Bullshit Market/Eric Witt winter tour
2/11-Iowa City,IA @Governor's Mansion 
2/12-Desmoines IA @The Fremont 
2/13-Lawrence,KS house show TBA
2/14- Nebraska (NEED HELP)
2/15- Denver,CO TBA
2/16- Kansas City,MO TBA

Xome/Boar Midwest tour
3/1 Minneapolis MN (NEED HELP)
3/2 Milwaukee, WI @ the Borg Ward
3/3 Chicago, IL @ Tri Triangle 
3/4 Detroit, MI TBA
3/5 Dayton, OH TBA
3/6 Cleveland, OH @ Now Thats Class
3/7 Indiana Kentucky area (NEED HELP)
3/8 Saint Louis, MO @ the Way Out